Ice Platinum 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal with LCD Handle


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Product Overview:

Discover the cutting-edge technology of our Ice Platinum 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine, a portable device designed for fast, effective, and painless hair removal treatments. This advanced system is not only efficient in permanent hair removal but also excels in tattoo and pigmentation removal, as well as skin rejuvenation.

Target Audience:

Ideal for beauty clinics, aesthetic centers, and skincare professionals, our diode laser machine caters to those seeking a reliable and versatile solution for hair removal across all skin types and pigmented hair.

Working Principle:

– Utilizes semiconductor laser technology for safe and effective hair follicle destruction.
– Melanin fragmentation for easy metabolization or egestion by the lymphatic system.
– Simple treatment process with cold gel application, sapphire crystal probe contact, and trigger activation.
– Multiple sessions required for optimal results due to the hair growth cycle.


-Fast and Efficient:15x40mm spot size, 10Hz repetition rate, and “IN-Motion” intelligent mode for up to 10 shots per second.
-Powerful Performance:2000W power supply ensures steady power output for effective treatments.
-Safe and Painless:DoubleTEC cooling system and ICE PLUS Cooling System (-10°C to -30°C) for comfortable treatment temperatures.

User-friendly Interface:

– Auto-intelligent mode with presets for different body parts, skin types, and genders.
– Suitable for both experienced practitioners and new users.

Highlighted Features:

– Permanent hair removal for all pigmented hair and skin types, including tanned skin.
– Versatile applications: tattoo and pigmentation removal, carbon peel skin rejuvenation.
– Low material consumption cost for long-term use.
– ICE PLUS Advanced Cooling System ensures high patient comfort.
– Semiconductor laser diodes for effective treatment.
– Customizable settings to suit individual practices.
– Virtually pain-free experience.

Superior Cooling System:

Equipped with a 4L water tank, 2 large fans, a brushless DC water pump, and TEC cooling plates, the ICE PLUS Cooling System guarantees a truly painless hair removal experience.

User-friendly Design:

The portable diode laser hair removal machine features a 10.4-inch touch screen and a user-friendly interface for ease of operation.

Product Specifications:

-Model:Portable 3-wavelength diode laser hair removal machine (755nm/808nm/1064nm)
-Laser Bar:Imported USA Coherent Laser Bar
-Laser Shot Time:Up to 40 million times
-Spot Size:15x25mm
-Cooling System:TEC cooling system and ICE PLUS Cooling System
-Pulse Duration:40-400ms
-Power Requirement:110V, 50Hz or 220-240V, 60Hz
-Package:Aluminum box
-Box Size:50cm x 60cm x 55cm

Optimize Your Hair Removal Treatments:

Experience the difference in speed, effectiveness, and comfort with our Ice Platinum 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine. Elevate your practice and provide clients with a state-of-the-art solution for permanent hair removal and skin enhancement.

Additional information

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 48 × 64 × 46 cm
Plug Typle

US Plug, UK Plug, AU Plug, EU Plug


White, Black


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