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Galax Optic is a high-end brand of beauty and skin care equipment that uses cutting-edge technology to develop and produce safe, non-invasive equipment and strives to help people pursue beauty.

Galax Optic

The company has been researching in the field of aesthetic equipment technology for many years. Relying on the progress and development of science and technology, the research and development costs of aesthetic equipment have been greatly reduced, and the effects achieved by aesthetic equipment are getting better and better. Using science and technology to satisfy people's wishes is our company's biggest vision.

Galax Optic is a very trustworthy brand by our company. Its main business is laser beauty equipment. The website provides online purchase functions. The entire payment process is safe and reliable. The website privacy policy and refund and return policy are complete.

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Galax Optic directly faces beauty salons and consumers and provides sales services online. There is no need to go through an agent, and our cutting-edge beauty equipment can be directly put into your hands from the moment it is developed.


Galax Optic relies on a powerful online sales system to provide you with a safe and comfortable online shopping environment. Integrated with the CRM system, a series of business including sales, transportation and after-sales can be done smoothly.


We are from USA, and our business spans the world. We also have warehouses in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, and Japan. Both transportation and after-sales are fast and reliable.

How our beauty equipment works

The cutting-edge beauty equipment developed by Galax Optic aims to act on every part of the body and strives to help people pursue beauty.

Hair Removal Program

Proficient in laser hair removal technology, safe and efficient.

Face Beauty Solution

Photorejuvenation technology, facial wrinkle removal and freckle removal

Skin Tightening Program

Non-invasive lipolysis to reduce fat, circumference, cellulite, stretch marks, etc.

Tattoo solutions

Picosecond laser equipment removes tattoos with high efficiency and no harm.

What our Client Says

"As a busy dermatologist I’m always looking for safe exciting effective new technologies for my practise. I am amazed how well these have been integrated into my practise. My patients are benefitting from brighter smoother tighter skin with minimal downtime. These technologies are a great adjunct to the lasers, peels and devices I have in my practise and have a very special niche in keeping skin looking its best."


"We have been continuously impressed with the performance of the Galax Optic including its incredible speed, industry leading power and most importantly client comfort and results. Our treatment times have been significantly decreased allowing us to treat more clients and increase profitability. Any beauty parlor looking to provide their clients with top results can do so confidently with the addition of a Galax Optic."


"In partnering with a trusted aesthetic device company like Galax Optic, aesthetic professionals worldwide gain access to never-before-seen business features such as comprehensive warranty program, premium marketing support, continuous clinical education, valuable Practice Enhancement programs, and more."

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