High-Energy 808 Diode Hair Removal Machine with Triple Wavelengths


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Instrument Overview

Model: 2000W High Energy

Type: 808 Diode Hair Removal Machine

Wavelengths:808nm, 755nm, 1064nm (3 waves)

Function:Fast speed hair removal, skin rejuvenation

Gross Weight:29KG

Working Theory
The 808 Diode hair removal machine employs cutting-edge technology, freezing the treatment head to negative temperatures for enhanced skin protection. By utilizing a specific wavelength, it ensures selective absorption by hair follicle melanin. The absorbed energy is then exchanged as heat, destroying the follicle and preventing hair regrowth. With 15% of energy penetrating the dermis layer, it effectively targets deep hair follicles, leading to permanent hair removal.

1.Selective Preference Diode Module:
– Ensures stable output and high quality.
2.International Hair Removal Golden Standard High Energy:
– Treats all hair colors effectively.
3.Best Laser Wavelength (808nm):
– Absorbs melanin, reaching different hair follicles for optimal results.
4.Long Pulse Width (1400ms):
– Provides sufficient heat for effective, long-term hair reduction without damaging surrounding tissue.
5.No Pigmentation, Suitable for All Skin Types:
– Ensures safety across diverse skin tones.
6.Sapphire Contact Cooling System:
– Maintains epidermal cooling for patient safety and comfort at 5°C.
7.Big Spot Size (12x12mm):
– Enables fast coverage and efficient treatment on large areas.
8.No Downtime:
– Allows for convenient and uninterrupted sessions.
9.Safety and Efficiency:
– Stable 808nm diode laser with intelligent microprocessor control.
10.Painless and Shorter Treatment Sessions:
– Enhances user comfort with an intelligent LCD screen for easy operation.

 2000W High Machine Power
– High power capacity for optimum results.
– Multistage steady flow system and anti-shock function for prolonged machine lifespan.

Features of 808nm Hair Removal Machine
– Permanent hair removal for all pigmented hair on any skin type.
– Lower material consumption for cost-effective long-term use.
– Enhanced cooling system.
– Customizable for different practices.
– Virtually pain-free technology.

Super Cooling System
– 4L water tank, 2 large fans, Brushless DC water pump, TEC cooling plates.
– Ensures a super-strong cooling effect for truly painless hair removal.

Diode Hair Removal Instrument Working Principle
The Diode 808 selectively absorbs melanin, converting light energy to heat. Special cooling technology protects the skin, making it effective on medium to dark hair for all skin types.

Treatment Process
1.Prepare the Skin:
– Shave, clean, and apply cold gel before treatment.
2.Adjust Treatment Parameters:
– Set optimal parameters for effective treatment.
3.Undergo Hair Removal Treatment:
– Repeatedly apply light waves for comprehensive hair root treatment.
4.Postoperative Cleaning:
– Perform cleaning and icing post-treatment.
– Sapphire touch cooling system ensures safety and painlessness.

User Experience
– Minimum of 4-6 treatments, one month apart, for optimal results.
– User-friendly interface for easy operation.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 64 × 48 × 51 cm

White, Black

Plug Type

US Plug, UK Plug, EU Plug, AU Plug

Working frequency

1〜10hz adjustable

Hand refrigeration

TEC+ sapphire refrigeration

Energy density

120J/cm2 〜150J/cm2

TEC refrigeration sheet




Laser power

2000w maximum power

Nanophotonic coherent imager

Germany imported laser Jenoptik, 150W/piece

Pulse width

5 ms 300 ms adjustable

Output mode

Pulse output

Operating language

All kinds of languages can be customized according to customers' requirements

Screen size

Optional 10.4-inch touch screen

Water temperature protection temperature

5°C, 35°C interface selection

Water pump

The DP-60 diaphragm pump is powered by 12V

Flow sensor

Minimum 2L/min flow requirement

Water level switch

Detecting water level of water tank

Heat-removal system

240 X 120 radiating rows (2), 18 waterways

Radiator fan

4 220V silent fans with a speed of 3150r/min

Inner structure

White zinc iron frame/colored zinc iron frame

Chassis material

ABS housing/metal housing

Water tank volume

Vertical 3.6L/ Desktop 2.5L

Ambient humidity

< 80%

Ambient temperature

Air-conditioned room, room temperature W28°C


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