Co2 Laser Scar Removal Skin Resurfacing Tightening 10600nm Machine

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Product Overview:
The Fractional CO2 Laser System with Vaginal Tightening Capsule is an advanced and versatile aesthetic solution designed for skin resurfacing, scar removal, wrinkle reduction, and vaginal tissue rejuvenation. The system utilizes a 10600nm wavelength CO2 laser for precise and controlled treatment, promoting collagen remodeling and achieving optimal skin recovery.

Target Audience:
– Dermatologists
– Aesthetic Clinics
– Plastic Surgeons
– Medical Spas

Key Features:
1.Dual Functionality:Combines fractional CO2 laser for skin resurfacing with a specialized capsule for vaginal tightening.
2.High Energy Output:With an output power of 30W, the system effectively addresses various skin concerns.
3.Versatile Scan Patterns:Offers a range of scan patterns including circle, triangle, square, rectangle, hexagon, ellipse, and line for customizable treatments.
4.User-Friendly Design:Super large display with a luxury feel, providing a comfortable and efficient user experience.
5.Portable Unit:Lightweight and easy to transport, making it cost-effective for delivery.

Technical Details:
-Output Power:30W
-Scan Patterns:Various, including circle, triangle, square, etc.
-Pulse Duration:0.1-10ms
-Cooling System:Circulating water cooling
-Laser Apparatus:Sealed-off laser device stimulated by direct current
-Aiming Beam:Red semiconductor laser (650nm)

Usage Method:
1.Skin Resurfacing:Choose the appropriate scan pattern and settings based on the skin concern. Perform the procedure in continuous, single pulse, interval pulse, or super pulse mode.
2.Scar Removal:Adjust energy levels for efficient removal of surgical scars, burnt scars, and acne scars.
3.Vaginal Tightening:Utilize the specialized capsule with controlled depth to stimulate collagen and elastin contraction for vaginal tissue rejuvenation.

Advantages and Benefits:
1.Lasting Results:Achieve long-term collagen remodeling and skin improvement.
2.Minimal Recovery Time:Compared to traditional skin peeling lasers, the system reduces recovery periods and side effects.
3.Effective Scar Removal:Addresses various scar types with high energy levels ranging from 10-60 watts.
4.Vaginal Rejuvenation:Promotes vaginal wall thickening and tightening, enhancing firmness and sensitivity.

User Experience:
The portable and user-friendly design, coupled with the advanced technology, ensures a seamless and efficient user experience. The system’s ability to address multiple aesthetic concerns makes it a valuable asset for practitioners seeking a comprehensive solution.

Invest in the Fractional CO2 Laser System with Vaginal Tightening Capsule for cutting-edge aesthetic procedures with superior results.

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