808nm Precision Hair Eraser: Professional-Grade Hair Removal Machine


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Product Overview: Introducing the EMSZero Beauty Diode 808 Laser Hair Removal Machine, a revolutionary solution designed to redefine your beauty standards. Targeting the root of hair follicles with cutting-edge diode laser technology, this advanced device ensures remarkable and permanent hair reduction. Whether for at-home or salon use, its professional-grade precision and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for effortless and effective hair removal.

Target Audience: EMSZero Beauty’s Diode 808 Laser Hair Removal Machine caters to individuals seeking a non-invasive and long-term solution for hair removal. Suitable for all skin types, including tanned skin, and effective on pigmented hair, this device is perfect for those who prioritize safety, efficiency, and a comfortable treatment experience.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Laser Technology: The device employs the optimal 808nm wavelength, targeting melanin in hair follicles safely and effectively.
  2. Efficient Treatment: Boasting a large spot size of 12*12mm, the machine ensures fast treatment speed and high efficiency.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with an intelligent LCD screen, the device is easy to operate for seamless user experience.
  4. Safe and Painless: Featuring a Sapphire contact cooling system, the machine guarantees a comfortable and safe hair removal experience.
  5. High Power Capacity: With a robust 2000W power capacity, the device delivers sufficient energy for optimum results.

Technical Details: The 808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine uses near-infrared laser light to penetrate 15% of the skin, reaching the dermis layer without affecting surrounding tissue. This heat absorption destroys hair follicles, preventing future hair growth while ensuring no damage to the surrounding skin.


  1. Ensure proper eye protection with protective goggles for both the technician and the user.
  2. Use the intelligent LCD screen to adjust intensity levels according to individual preferences.
  3. Apply the device to the target area, allowing the Sapphire contact cooling system to provide a safe and painless treatment experience.


  1. Permanent Hair Removal: Achieve long-lasting results for all skin types.
  2. Versatility: Effective on pigmented hair and suitable for individuals with darker skin tones.
  3. Comfortable Treatment: Minimal downtime and virtually pain-free, thanks to the advanced cooling system.
  4. Fast and Efficient: Large spot size and high power capacity ensure swift and effective hair removal.

Experience the power of EMSZero Beauty’s Diode 808 Laser Hair Removal Machine and embrace a journey towards confidence and self-assurance like never before. Revolutionize your hair removal routine with this state-of-the-art solution today!


Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 68 × 48 × 51 cm
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