LaserPure: Multifunctional all-in-one skin regeneration device


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Introducing LaserPure: Your Beacon to Radiant, Unblemished Skin

Welcome to a realm where your skin’s intrinsic beauty is not just nurtured but celebrated with brilliance. LaserPure invites you to immerse yourself into a transformative journey, where each step is a pledge towards flawless, luminous skin, and every process is a testament to the advanced laser technology and comprehensive skincare solutions it provides.

Dive into the Spectrum of Skin-Enhancing Solutions

1. Liberation from Unwanted Tattoos and Permanent Makeup

LaserPure doesn’t just remove tattoos; it eradicates them, ensuring that each ink particle is meticulously dissipated, providing a canvas for your true skin to gleam through with vitality. Permanent makeup, once thought to be unchangeable, surrenders to the precision and efficiency of our system, granting you the autonomy to redefine your aesthetics whenever you desire.

2. Navigating Through the Palette of Pigmentation

From subtle dermal spots and bold discolorations to distinctive birthmarks and subtle age-related pigment alterations, LaserPure confidently charts a course through various pigmentation challenges, employing a meticulously crafted approach to restore your skin’s intrinsic radiance and uniformity.

3. A Renaissance of Skin: Mole Removal and Rejuvenation

Bid adieu to brown moles and embrace avenues of rejuvenation, as LaserPure guarantees not only a meticulous mole removal but also an unveiling of the refreshed, youthful complexion beneath, ensuring your transition to rejuvenated skin is smooth with minimal recovery time.

Harness the Power of Innovatively Brilliant Technology

1. Unparalleled Technological Mastery: Honeycomb Focused Technology

LaserPure is infused with our unique Honeycomb Focused technology, a beacon of technological prowess in the skincare industry. This innovative approach ensures treatments that are precision-personified and supremely effective, all while being exceptionally mindful of your skin’s integrity and health.

2. The Essence of Korean Precision

Our device, incorporating a specially imported guide from Korea, assures spot sizes that are impeccably round and uniform, ensuring that the energy transmission across the treatment area is consistent and even, providing a seamless and effective treatment experience.

3. The Assurance of Robust Durability

LaserPure is engineered for relentless utility and minimal maintenance. It promises a continually reliable, hassle-free operational experience, designed to be your steadfast companion in your skincare journey, day in and day out, without necessitating frequent parts replacement.

4. Potency Merged with Expediency

Equipped to deliver an impactful energy output of 600mj/cm2 and boasting a versatile spot size ranging from 2-10mm, LaserPure pledges treatments that are not only potent but also remarkably swift and efficient, minimizing the duration of each session while maximizing results.

5. A Symphony of Shortened Pulse Durations

Experience the distinct advantage of minimized pulse durations and widths, which not only safeguard the surrounding skin but also ensure that the results are remarkable and achieved with the utmost consideration for your comfort and safety.

6. A Journey of Comfort and Safety

Your journey with LaserPure is crafted to be as smooth and comforting as possible. The treatments, while being efficacious, prioritize your comfort and safety above all, ensuring that your path towards enhanced skin is not just effective and transformative but also supremely convenient and safe.

Elevate Your Skincare Experience with LaserPure

Embark on a journey where every step is a stride towards impeccable, radiant skin. LaserPure doesn’t just offer a service; it provides an experience – a harmonious blend of technological excellence and expert skincare, carefully crafted to ensure that your future is one where your skin’s natural beauty is not just witnessed but exquisitely celebrated.

From the first interaction to the visible transformation, LaserPure stands as a testament to the pinnacle of skincare innovation, ensuring that your journey is as mesmerizing as the results it delivers.

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Pigment Removal, Pigmentation Correctors, Tattoo Removal

Operation System

ultra-short pulses laser

Product name

Picosecond laser tattoo removal beauty machine

Light guide arm

Korea imported 7 joints articulated laser arm

Out power




Work laser wavelength


Laser output frequency


Spot diameter


Cooling mode

Built in closed cycle water cooled type

Maximum output energy of single pulse


Treatment area

face, hands, legs, and more

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