Picosecond Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

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The Nd:YAG laser is an effective option for removing tattoos and more extensive pigmentation.

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Delivery on 18, December 2023
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The ND YAG laser uses tiny bursts of light at very high energy, which breaks the pigment in the tattoo into very small particles that are naturally eliminated from the body. This technique is very effective and has little or no risk.

picosecond laser tattoo removal is the most advanced method. Picosecond lasers are more effective at dispersing ink particles because they produce shorter light pulses than conventional nanosecond lasers. As a result, tattoos can be removed more quickly and completely with less discomfort and scars.

The main mechanism of picosecond laser tattoo removal involves the fragmentation of the chromophore through both photothermal and photoacoustic effects. Picosecond lasers transmit light pulse lengths that are closer to the TRT of tattoo pigment molecules; therefore, they can deliver heat radiation more efficiently and can be destructively focused on the target area. For example, the average size of carbon black in Indian ink is approximately 40 nm in diameter, while the TRT for 40 nm particles is approximately one nanosecond. The picosecond pulse can be thermally confined to the target because it is irradiated with a pulse duration of less than 1 nanosec.

The main benefit of ND YAG laser tattoo removal is the condition of the skin when the tattoo is gone. Another benefit is the fact that the ND YAG laser can remove the most difficult colors, which are red, black and blue. We can also remove orange, purple, yellow, aqua and green with different wavelength lasers.

The wavelength is more influential than pulse duration for the removal of each colored tattoo. Regardless of the pulse duration, the 532 nm laser was the most effective in clearing red, orange, and yellow colored tattoos and was mildly effective in removing green and black colored pigments. The overall effect and safety was better with the picosecond 532 nm laser. In removing black tattoos, the 1064 nm picosecond laser was the most effective.

In comparison with the nanosecond laser, the picosecond laser demonstrated several advantages, including better tattoo removal ability and lesser side effects. In which picosecond laser pulses were found to be more efficient in clearing colored tattoos and produce less damage to the surrounding skin and scarring due to the low fluence level.

Additional information

Model Number




Laser Type

Nd: Yag Laser




1064nm 532nm Standard; 585nm,650nm Optional


1500mj (1064nm) ; 800mj (532nm)

Peak Power

1064nm 1.33GW; 532nm 0.67GW



Zoom Spot Size

2-10mm Adjustable

Pulse Width


Beam Profile

Top Hat Beam

Light Guiding System

7 joints Arm

Aiming Beam

Diode 655 nm (Red)

Single package size:

119X90X68 cm

Single gross weight:

171.000 kg

Package Type

Equipment packed in aluminum box with shock proof sponge protection inside.

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    Beauty isn’t just skin deep, but this device ensures you feel beautiful inside and out.

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    This device is like a trusted friend for your skin. It helps you turn back the clock and embrace a more youthful, radiant look.

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  3. Henry

    This device is like your skin’s best friend, helping you erase the signs of time and past decisions, leaving you looking radiant.

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  4. Hayden

    Say goodbye to tattoos and hello to brighter, more radiant skin. This product does it all.

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  5. Kaden Arabic

    This product is like having your skin’s best friend by your side. It’s there for you when you need it most.

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  6. Mason

    When it comes to skincare, never settle for less. This product ensures you get top-notch results.

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